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Hi there! I go by CP, the creator of XTRING...a brand inspired by, and made for, those who wish to cultivate greater confidence.

 When I was 15 my family moved to America, where I tried to fit in...but quickly found it challenging to communicate with others. I struggled to break the ice and strike up a conversation with strangers, and even people I did not know well. I was craving a life of confident color, but felt stuck in a grayscale world. I have always admired people who express a bold sense of style. 

That is where attention is grabbed, telling a story of the person you are, before even saying "hello”. I set a goal to design a look that would give my beginner self an end goal, a determined destination, a confident culmination. That is where XTRING was born. Bold statement pieces of streetwear have always spoken to me, so I created a plan to combine streetwear culture with the construction of confidence. Confident colors for those with a lack of confidence? Crazy idea, right?  

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It might sound so...but the deeper purpose behind XTRING apparel is to help you to express your powerfully-desired presence, bringing you from the shadows into the light, with ever-increasing confidence, encouraging your inside to catch up with the outside. Imagine Wonder Woman and Superman initially donning their outfits and capes as mere mortals in the hope of saving the world, inspiring them to grow into their powers.

Every time you slip on XTRING gear, you create an opportunity for your inner self to see how your unique colors can add to your confidence. You will also be reminded that there is a community of people out there who struggle with the same challenges, every day. Wearing XTRING presents your opportunity to inspire...them.

Marianne Williamson shared this message: “As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” XTRING T-shirt hoodies are designed with high quality, lightweight material for daily wear. We designed our pieces with unique color combinations, choosing on-trend, bright and contrasting colors to help you to exude confidence before you even say a word.

Our ultimate mission is to help you to elevate your confidence through style. Clothing can be an avenue to help you express your most authentic self, and a person who feels confident can climb higher up the mountain we call life. At XTRING, we want to be the driving force that empowers YOU to do anything you set your mind to. 

Own the ability to express your style.
Own your confidence.
Take charge of your life!

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